Greater Manchester Combined Authority Covid 19 Creative Commissions. An Open Sky – 500 Birds Above Lockdown, album of unique carbon drawings.


Brighter Sound Hexagon Project commission for the Great Exhibition of the North. Prospect Planes, digital drawing, made with physicist Kostya Novoselov and with music by Sara Lowes. This collaborative digital drawing began with a simple pencil drawn representation of graphene, the revolutionary 2D material, which was then printed microscopically in graphene crystals. Bombarded with Raman spectroscopy, it generated vast quantities of topographical data. Griffiths and Novosleov selected a 3D drawing or frame from this data, which they rotated to produce unexpected projections. Both artists made subsequent works of art from this ‘art generator’, Novoselov’s ‘The Six’ (2018) drawings and Griffiths’ ‘Prospect Piece’ (2018)

Still from Prospect Planes (2018)


National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester. From Seathwaite, permanent wall drawing.